The wheelchair must not have any camber on the wheelsor install additional jacks (without camber). Camber means at this idea a slow down”!

– Ensure that there is distance between pedals and thighs. The hands must not touch the thighs!

– The distance between the pedals and the upper body should not be too largeThe upper body should not move while riding (forward nor backward).

 Try to use steel (and not alloy). It is easier to find someone to weld it!

 Do not forget the ground clearance!

 Check the alignment (lining up) of front wheel and steering head (best on a frame”).

 Make the frame strong enough!


– as seen at Noe‘s bike, improves “damping” of the pivot the driving characteristics (prevents fluttering).

, there are several possibilities: Springs as mounted at Noe’s Bike or similarly mounted gas shock absorbers.

Another cheap way should be with a screw slightly fastened to slow down the rotation. But I have not tried this.