using a kids bike front and testing it in León and Guanajuato, Mexico!

Thank’s to Remi Rekus and his father Alois! Gracias!

It was build by using the frontpart of a kids bike

and a budget chinese clamp and arm system.

(At the end Mr. Rekus painted it black and we did take off the steering bar to pack smaller.)

It worked very well and easy at the cobblestones, potholes and bumpers in Mexico!

And braking with the frontwheelbrake helps downhill aginst hot hands/fingers.

A comparison test at the Metropolitan Park in León, Mexico test without the Diy-Outdoor-Wheel -> almost 30 Seconds

2.nd test with the Diy-Outdoor-Wheel -> less than 15 Seconds

You can see the difference! …and feel it 😉

And in Guanajuato! That was fun!

Rolling down the hill at main street 😉

Thank’s and best wishes to Remi Rekus and his Dad!