Budget Do it yourself ideas for disabled! Build your handcycle or wheelchair!

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Handles for the drivetrain

Handle by Matjes 92

Just found out, I’m not the only one with this solution ;)

This is about the youtube video from Matthew Tilford. „Thanks a lot“ from my side! As you can see, he…

Wheelchair – Attachable – Handcycle

„The Build“ & „Rides“ by Jordansname Thank’s and best wishes to Jordansname by Jordansname by Jordansname

A Handcycle Car Rack for Independent Use by People with Disabilities

by Garrett Kryt . Looks interessting an easy to use!   by Garrett Kryt

Wheelchair vs Handcycle

von dloud1000 Si no funciona, intenta el link aqui  

Easy way to take my wheelchair

Years of thinking and than I found this easy way 🙂 I still can’t believe it – just hang it…

Suben al Cubilete en silla de ruedas, en memoria de Noé Guerra.

Realizan la Primera Rodada a Cristo Rey, en memoria de Noé Guerra; llevan sus cenizas al Santuario. Suben al Cubilete…

Unknown ways: History of a siberian handbiker

This week I found this article on the russian website (2013). I can’t read it proper, but with the…

Having fun with the Pseudo-Drift 🙂 It’s a sopur-shark with weehlchair frontwheels at the rear end. (Klick and see the…

Falleció Noe

Estamos infinitamente tristes, por la muerte de Noe! Noe era uno de los motores de Como deportista, con sus…

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