Built by a local welder with standard tools (no high tech), with local material (~ 50 Euro, except the rear wheelchair wheels) and tested by a 9-year old double amputee. All, organized, bought, built and tested, in only 3 days.


More info at our
wheelbarrow-wheelchair page

(Jan. 2016)

For this handcycle

we used the frame tail of a fully and the front of a kick scooter

(30th. Nov. 2015)


… and finally here is the real fun! By Dirk and Klaus

(30th. Nov. 2015)
Santa66.net participated in a converence (It was in Mexico, therefore all was in Spanisch)

Santa66.net participo en el congreso “ciclismo urbano y discapacidad”, 2015 en Leon,Mexico.

Aqui esta el Audio del panel con santa66.net



(Nov. 2015)

… y … ~ … and … ~ … und …


Hecho de Enrique (Mexico-City) por Michel — Made by Enrique (Mexico-City) for Michel



Una pequeña entrevista con Enrique!

(Oct. 2015)


Sorry, my drawing isn’t to good, but it explains my idea!


My new idea to build a low cost, DiY, low tech… whelchair build using a wheelbarrow!

What do you think?

(May 2015)




santa66.net is looking for test pilots, assisting to use the local and personal options!

If you’re interested please write to klaus@santa66.net


santa66.net busca pilotos de prueba, para usar las opciones locales y personales!

Interesados escriben a klaus@santa66.net, por favor.



(Jan. 2015)

100 paises!!! 100 countries!!! 100 Länder!!!

Gracias! Thank’s! Danke!

Visitantes de 100 paises en !!!

Visitors of 100 countrys at !!!

Besucher aus 100 Ländern auf !!!





Noe’s Bicimano 2.0 (Dec. 2014)






Trici Kiko (Sep. 2014)


Publicado del DIF Silao



Triciclo William…, ¿qué dices?

Tricycle William…, what do you say?

Dreirad William…, was sagst du?


(June 2014)



+++ Portador de ideas de bici de manos +++

+++ Idea carrier handcycle +++

+++ Ideenträger-Handbike +++


(Jan. 2014)



!!! Hecho en Mexico – Made in Mexico !!!

Noe & Noe’s Bike


(Sept. 2013)



!!! Hecho en Alemania – Made in Germany !!!

Made with simple tools, Dirk & Dirk’s Bike (June 2013)

Asi se conecta la silla de ruedas con la handcycle

That’s how to connect bicycle and wheelchair

So hängt man den Rollstuhl ans Handbike